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About us

Welcome To Zafar Shafakhana

Zafar Shafakhana was established in 1975 and since considered one of the best Ayurveda Clinic. Zafar Shafakhana offers best formulated unani / ayurvedic products to cure- all female, male health-related problems with the aid of safe, affordable and more important is in a most effective manner.

Zafar Shafakhana Well known for its oldest and most effective form of unani / ayurvedic treatment. Our products are the key cause to facilitate us to nurture quick and extend across the entire country.

We have a wide range of unani / ayurvedic formulas and we believe in the promotion of health and well-being with the aim to provide high-quality unani / ayurvedic treatment for preventing various health problems.

Quick Facts

  • An important part of our health care delivery system that we more focus on hygiene as well as taking care of all our clients.
  • Zafar Shafakhana enables a man to become the man of their partner and also help a man to have complete control over ejaculation time.
  • unani / ayurvedic treatment is the best alternative and highly effective form of medicine. Also, it can cure every physical health issues you have.

Do you ever things why are relationships so hard today? Why are we failing at love all the time? While you trying so hard. Now day’s sex becomes a big issue and approx. 70% of men facing erection problem in their sexual life.


Herbal treatment is more than 4000 years old science of health care. It highly effective and provide a long time relief in a much safer way. There is no side effect of unani / ayurvedic treatment and the best place to get rid of your all health-related problems is “Zafar Shafakhana”.

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What our patients say


Mrs. Drisha Rastogi (Haryana)

Thank you very much for being there Zafar Shafakhana when people need you. It is true that many people facing sex-related problems around the world but they are not able to find the best place to overcome from these problems but in Zafar Shafakhana all these problems seem so small because they offer highly effective 100% herbal treatment. It is very important to trust the person to whom we discuss our sexual health-related problems here in Zafar Shafakhana you can discuss anything openly because they never disclose the detail of their patients with anyone. Friends believe me this is my friendly suggestion to all the who are reading this, this is the only place where you can find all the solution of sexual health-related problems.

Mr. Sammer Gupta (New Delhi)

I was worried about my sex performance and it was adversely affecting my self-confidence, and for that, I have visited many unani / ayurvedic clinic but not able to see the result even not able to find the right solution anywhere. One day I was sitting with friends and discuss my problem with him so he told me about Zafar Shafakhana so I visited their clinic and discuss my sexual problem firstly they understand my problem carefully and then start my treatment. Within 10 days of Zafar Shafakhana treatment, I am able to see the result in my sex performance. Guys you can trust 100% on Zafar Shafakhana. I am able to overcome my problems, now I am enjoying my married life happily. If you are facing any sexual health-related problem please visit Zafar Shafakhana.

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