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Zafar Shafakhana has been working towards creating, researching and developing Ayurvedic as well as herbal products to help us live a healthy lifestyle.

Ayurveda is a subject which treats the mind body and soul from within and it will reflect automatically on the individual when he is cleansed internally. Zafar Shafakhana provides medicine that would detoxify all system cure most of the chronic ailments as well as help in the upkeep of the physical self.

Ayurveda is the knowledge that describes or indicates the four states of life,the appropriate and inappropriate, happy or sorrowful conditions along with what is good and bad for longeveity as well as measurement of life itself. Our main aim is to treat human beings not the disease. we don't believe in blindly giving away the medicine without thinking of what harm it can cause to your life..considering in mind about your safety and healthy life we have come up with a company that provides you best of all the medicines that are harmless and without any side effects..these are made out of using pure herbs so that it doesn't affect and diminish your quality of life and u live a very fruitful life just want to say.


We have inherited Tibb and ancient formulas of medicines from our predecessors for more than 200 years and blend it with new medical research.

Zafar Shafakhana is serving the people for many years. This organization is one of those in which herbal medicines are prepared and advised to patients after a scientific research.

Professors & Doctors used to refer their patients of impotence, sexual weakness and male & female infertility cases with great confidence.

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Great Hakim of Amroha
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Our Herbal and Effective Super Sex Power Course based on pure Ayurvedic medicine
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Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement
Hundred Persent Herbal Formula
Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement
Zafar Shafakhana
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