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About Asthma:


What is Asthma?

Herbal Care for Asthma

What is asthma? Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes episodes of difficult breathing. Asthma symptoms are caused primarily due to constriction, tightening of the muscles surrounding the airways, and inflammation, soreness, swelling and irritation of the airways in the lungs. It can be further defined as: Asthma is basically an inflammatory disease affecting the airways of the lungs. It is a chronic illness, meaning that it tends to persist over long periods of time. The inflammation has the effect of narrowing the airways, which causes breathing difficulties. The patient may start wheezing and may gasp for breath in some cases.

Ayurvedic treatment

Ayurveda has a multi pronged approach to treatment of asthma to correct the dosha imbalance and to build better immunity. The treatment is aimed at removing the symptoms, lowering anxiety, increasing the resistance to disease and restoring harmony in the composition of body and mind. Along with medicinal herbs and processes, change in lifestyle is also advised for lasting effect.

Get rid of symptoms: The Ayurvedic physician prescribes certain herbal preparations containing negligible amount of metals and minerals such as gold or iron. Dietary adjustments and physical and breathing exercises may be suggested including stretching. Massages, lying in the sunlight, meditation are also helpful in some cases.

Expelling Impurities: The Ayurveda process of removing impurities from the human system is known as Panchakarma. Panchakarma helps to cleanse the whole body of impurities and toxins. The undigested food that interrupts the healthy functioning of organs is first eliminated. Through enema, massage and using nasal sprays with medicinal oils and other methods are found effective.

Building immunity: Ayurvedic treatment consisting o f herbs, proteins, vitamins and minerals in the form of tonics or lehyas are given to asthma patients to strengthen their digestive system and increase their appetite and disease resistance. Reduce Anxiety and Enhance harmony: Avoiding unfavorable situations for asthmatic patients is suggested along with techniques to get rid of negative emotions.

Herbs Used in the Treatment of Asthma

Ayurvedic preparations such as Sitopaladi Churna, Suvarna-Pushpasuga Rasa, and Kanalwsava and Swasha-Kasa-Chintamani Rasa are generally prescribed for bronchial asthma patients depending on their condition. For treating chronic asthma Agastya Rasayana is prescribed for patients who suffer from constipation. Chyavanaprasha contains Amla which is rich in vitamin C. They reduce the frequency of asthmatic attacks. Herbs used in the perpetration of medications include Adhatoda Vasica, Piper Lugnum, Terminalia Chebula and Thylophora Asthmatic etc.

  • an inherited tendency to develop allergy
  • Family history of asthma
  • Contracting certain respiratory infections in early childhood
  • Air pollutants
  • Animal dander
  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Cold, sinusitis
  • Obesity
  • Airway hyper reactivity
Symptoms of asthma

The intensity, duration and recurrence of the symptoms vary from person to person. Even in the same person the symptoms may vary. Some people with asthma may have extended symptom-free periods, interrupted by periodic asthma episodes, while others may have some symptoms every day. Very often some people with asthma have symptoms only during exercise, or when they are exposed to allergens or viral respiratory tract infections.

Is Asthma affecting your life in these ways?

  • Do you avoid going to fairs, zoos and other public events where there might be animals for fear of having an asthma attack?
  • Do you avoid going to gardens or outside because of a fear that you can't breathe?
  • Do you avoid public places because you need to avoid smokers?
  • Do you avoid being around air conditioners because they make you feel even worse?
  • Do you avoid necessary emotional confrontations because you are afraid the stress from extreme emotions will trigger an attack?
  • Does your heart race every time you use your asthma inhaler?
  • Have you been passed over for a job promotion because your asthmatic condition has had the effect of your boss seeing you as sickly?
  • Are you gaining weight because running or jogging or any kind of exercise makes you huff and puff and triggers an attack?
Treatment for asthma

Asthma in adults is considered to be almost a life long suffering for most patients, if not all. The crucial issue is to manage it well, using milder medicines and achieving a relatively attack free phase for a long time. Herbal treatment works wonders for Asthma. Patients who are on herbal medicines enjoy much better health than those who do not; as per the study.  Our researchers have been working on Asthma and other chronic diseases since many years. Their research based and internationally patented molecules have changed the prognosis of Asthma.

The Herbal treatment

Our Herbal Capsules for Asthma is a 100% natural herbal supplement. It consist most effective formulas that help to strengthen the lungs and keep breathing normal. They reduce vulnerability to flu and other respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, and general body weakness. The supplements work together to address the root causes of asthma by drying bronchial phlegm so the lungs and the voice can work more freely.

It is a 100% safe, herbal formula. Our Herbal Capsule has been used for many years to safely support the respiratory system and maintain easy breathing. Containing a selection of ingredients known for their supportive function in maintaining open airways and supporting lung health, Our Herbal Capsule Drops is presented in a liquid tincture formula, making them easy to take for all ages.

Our Herbal Capsule combination of 12 Herbs and natural ingredients in specific composition has been formulated by us. Our Herbal Capsule is an International Standard Organization accredited product. It is qualified herbal formulation for asthma. Our Herbal Capsule formulation dilates the respiratory tract making you breath easy. It prevents the occurrence of hyper sensitivity reaction. They permanently change the composition of the person to build up a strong immunity against allergy. Allergy is the main cause of asthma and other respiratory tract ailments. Most types of asthma like bronchial asthma, cough variant asthma and exercise induced asthma are caused by allergy. Thus effecting a near complete cure to asthma, allergy, edema (collection of fluids mucous in lungs), Eosinophilia attacks, breathing disorders, sinusitis and rhinitis.

This natural remedy

Our Herbal Capsule is a herbal supplement system that has a 95% success rate with rapid results. This natural remedy’s formulation process is vast and unique with herb blending criteria such as the beneficial healing properties, effects and other herb collection criteria. Our Herbal Capsule is the finest natural composition for asthma. It is free from side-effects. This remedy is effective regardless of age, constitution or severity. This Herbal Cures has brought the miracle for the people who suffer from Asthma.

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