Female Diseases

If you have a problem related to pregnancy means if your partner healthy enough and able to ejaculate needed sperm count which is required for reproduction still you facing problem to being pregnant this happen, because of swelling in the uterus and it also may cause a disturbance in the menstrual cycle.

Female Sex Problems

Remember that man ejaculate millions of sperms in a single time and if a female partner is healthy so in that case, the only single ovary is enough for pregnancy.

There are different types of glands in between the vagina and uterus which are responsible to protect the sperms and take them to uterus carefully. If there is a problem between these processes then this is the reason your body won’t be pregnant. If you are facing this kind of problem please consult with us and take a complete as well as an effective treatment. Our treatment will help to realize the beautiful feeling of becoming a mother.

  • Breast Enlargement / Shape / Tightness
  • Leucorrhea
  • Loose Vagina

Breast Size (Enlargement of breast size)

Sometimes due to lack of estrogen & progesterone hormones, proper diet, tension, etc female breast is not able to develop properly, as a result, you have small nipples. But it can be cured with our treatment.


It is one of the conditions where yellow or green color discharge from the female genitals during sexual activities.

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