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Nocturnal Emissions / Night Pollution / Night fall

Night fall is a natural process within two –three months but its repetition is sexual disorder & leads to impotence, erectile dysfunction,obliquity of Penis, premature ejaculation .


  • Wrong habits
  • More Reading of sexual articles
  • Watching of sexual movies
  • Sexual dreams
  • Sexual thoughts

Cure:- Herbal medicine of Zafar Shafa Khana cure the Nocturnal emissions & also

  • Stop night fall
  • Help in prolonged erection
Doses:-According to problems.
Adverse effect:-* no side effect have been reported

Small, Sluggish, Oblique, Feeble, Penis


Sexual excitement Oil/Tila of Zafar Shafa Khana removed the penile disorder. It promotes the bio synthsis of nitric oxide in museles of Penis which relaxes smooth masches & promote vasodilation & erection of penis. It also has antioxidant and aphrodisiac actions. Regular massage the oil on penis promote the length of penis & also diameter of Penis. Our herbal therapy provide a complete cure of sexual disorder like sluggishness (erectile dysfunction) , feebleness,obliquity of penis due to excessive indulgence, wrong habit like masturbation for sexual pleasure.



white behen is small, pungent, hot, stimulant and sweet. It eliminates vatta, pitta and kapha. It is anodyne and reduces the swelling of trachea windpipe and other organs. Hair grows properly by its use. It enhances sperm count and thickens the blood.
. It has its description and usage in ayurveda and thus is an excellent herb. It is useful in curing a lot of ailments. This plant is useful as refreshment and sterile for promoting urination and is useful in thread worm infections. it acts as tonic to pelvic and back muscles.
Safed Musli grows wild in thick forests and is a traditional medicinal plant. Mainly its tuberous roots are used in Ayurvedic medicines. Roots are used for the preparation of a nutritive tonic used in general sexual weakness. Safed Musli has been named in the Atharva Veda as one of the divine herbs, offering cure for many ailments and health related problems.
It is rich in protein, carbohydrate and minerals. Ayurveda says it contain 22 percent more mineral compared to buffalo milk. Singhara is indigenous to India and used in Ayurveda to cure various diseases. It helps to prevent sugar, ulcer, gout and heart diseases.Singhara flour helps to cure sexual debility in males.Singhara is highly beneficial in pregnancy. It not only gives nutrition to growing foetus but also protects pregnancy and decreases risk of threatened abortion.
Description: Recent scientific research has confirmed the validity of Red Sage’s traditional usage for heart and circulatory problems. The scientific name of ‘Salvia’, derives from the Latin for ‘to heal’, which underscores the herbs early reputation as a cure-all. It is adaptogenic, antibacterial, anticholesterolemic, antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiviral, aphrodisiac, astringent, carminative, digestive, nerve tonic, oestrogenic, stimulant, styptic and tonic and largely prescribed in seminal debility, anaemia, etc. It is also used to treat asthma. Also useful in aphthae, menstrual disorders, erectile dysfunction, habitual miscarriages, cystitis, chronic liver and kidney diseases, and for checking the secretion of mammary glands.
Ayurveda advocates to use HYGROPHILA AURICULATA [Tal makhana]safed musali[chlorophytum borivillianu] salam panja ,todari lal ,etc most of these herbs are devoid of any side effects and are vajjikaran[Aphrodisiac] pleasure enhancers ,and increase the duration of sexual bliss as they sedate the sex centre by decreasing the amount of excitement
A number of Health tonics (Sexual tonics) are prepared from Safed Musli. It is essential part of a traditional diet of mothers (after delivery) in the form of Laddoos. Efforts in countries like USA and England are also on to convert it into chips to use it as a nutritious breakfast.
The thorns on the trunk are cut out and the base is rubbed in a circular motion on a rough surface with water.When this paste is applied on acne marks or burn marks the marks lighten significantly . The lower part of the flower which is actually a glandular ovary is cooked and eaten which increases strength and stamina and reduces urinary problems.
Seeds of Tamarind  
Tamarind is a very well known herb having many uses such as culinary, medicinal, ornamental uses and as an economic dye. Its botanical name is Tamarindus indica. Tamarind is included in daily diet as it has many health benefits that are sure to keep you healthy or improve you overall health.
Medically, nutmeg has strong antibacterial properties. It is effective in killing a number of cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth. In Indian medicine, it is used to treat impotence and liver disease. It can also trigger dizziness, nausea and difficulty in urination.Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid the use of nutmeg. It can cause miscarriage in pregnant women.
Recent research on guggul has revealed that guggul also blocks the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, by acting as an antioxidant. It its unoxidized or "native" state, LDL is more or less benign.Guggul, by both lowering blood cholesterol and acting against LDL oxidation, now stands out as one of the world's most valuable herbs for heart health.
Ajwain is a herb also known as Bishops Weed. This beneficial herb is used in culinary process as spice as well as a major ingredient of different kind of medicines. Ajwain seeds are small in size but taste hot, penchant and bitter. It acts as good appetizer, laxative and stomachic. It is used as effective remedy in managing ailments like vomiting, mouth diseases, pile, treatment of ascites, abdominal tumor, abdominal pain etc.
The spice also contains a good amount of minerals like potassium, manganese, iron, selenium and magnesium. Potassium is an important electrolyte of cell and body fluids that helps control heart rate and blood pressure. Manganese is used by the body as a co-factor for the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase.
It is generally used in vata and pitta disorders. It helps in relieving from burning sensation after burns also does not leave the mark. It is also used to make teeth and gums strong. It also is used in improving skin texture. It is also used in conditions like dysentery and diarrhea. It also improves digestion. It helps in preventing hemorrhages. It is widely used in cough and cold. It is a good aphrodisiac agent. It also resolves female urino-genital tract problems. It is used in general body weakness.

Since ancient times, nutmeg and its oil were being used in Chinese and Indian traditional medicines for illnesses related to the nervous and digestive systems. The compounds in this spice such as myristicin and elemicin have been soothing as well as stimulant properties on brain. 1Nutmeg oil contains eugenol, which has been used in dentistry for toothache relief & boost sexual Power.

Saffron is one of the highly prized spices known since antiquity for its color, flavor and medicinal properties. It is the dried "stigma" or threads of the flower of the S. crocus plant. The plant is a bulbous perennial plant that belongs to the family of Iridaceae of the genus, Crocus and known botanically as Crocus sativus. This exotic spice is a native of Southern Europe and now cultivated worldwide in many countries, particularly in Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkey, and Iran and in Jammu & Kashmir state of India.
The researchers found that mastic had antiviral activity against herpes simplex, which causes skin infections characterized by blisters that usually appear around the lips (cold sores) or on the genitals. The initial infection probably occurs during infancy or childhood, and it subsequently becomes dormant. The reappearance of blisters later in life may b
Syrian Rue Seeds are Mildly hallucenogenic in their own right and have been considered sacred throughout the Middle East and Parts of Asia for centuries. Syrian Rue Seeds are an MAO inhibitor. Syrian rue seeds contain harmine and harmaline. Syrian Rue Seeds are definitely not sold for human consumption.
Black pepper is considered good for mental clarity. It is used frequently for improving concentration and also to prevent memory loss. Black pepper can be taken as a steam inhalation, combined with eucalyptus or marjoram, for treating colds and flu. lung diseases, oral abscesses, sunburn, tooth decay, toothaches,anaemia, poor circulation, jaundice, etc. However, though it is commonly used in Ayurveda, Siddha or Unani medicine, it is not compatible with the Homoeopathy treatment.
A fig tree is a small tree with a cylindrical stem. It is found all over India. It is mainly used as a edible fruit having high nutritive value. Decoction and poultice. It is high in calories and is easy to digest and assimilate. It also has a analgesic effect against insect sting and bites. The leaves can be used in decoction form to condition hair. The fruit is also given as a cure for piles and diarrhea and sexual weakness
Akarkara has been considered a tonic used in remedy since ancient times, to aid the nervous system. It has been reported to motivate intimate urge as well as assist in premature ejaculation and impotency in males. Some herbalists imply that this herb may be of use for many other conditions such as diabetes, treatment for epilepsy, paralysis, hemiplegia, and for sore throat and tonsils.
It is a vata and kapha suppressant. It is a good stimulant of the body organs due to presence of astringent and bitter taste. It normalizes the digestive tract due to presence of light properties. It improves circulation due to astringent taste. It also cleans up the respiratory tract and expels about the extra mucus present in the tract. It is also a good aphrodisiac agent and relives from menstrual disturbances. It also acts as diuretic agent.
Cinnamon is the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree. The cinnamon trees are about 10 to 15 meters high. The light brown, papery bark and leathery leaves are ovate-oblong in shape, with a length of 7 to 18 cm. The green flowers are arranged in panicles and have a distinct odor. The tree bears purple berries with a single seed. Cinnamon has a fragrant perfume and a sweet and aromatic taste.
It is a Rejuvenative tonic for body and mind as it stimulates the brain cells. Stimulates the urinogenital organs, helps to increase leucocyte of the blood. It is useful in Anemia, as well as may be helpful in blood cancer. It is also an aphrodisiac and tonic but never used too much. Only a small quantity should be used. 20 drops essential oil mixed with 100 ml of any base all like sesame, almond, coconut etc. could be massaged on the skin.
Olives contain a high fat content but fats in olives are present in form of monounsaturated fatty acids like oleic acid, linoleum acid and omega 3 fatty acids. These all are precursors of good fats and benefits body by giving safety against many cardiovascular, and heart disease. Omega 3 fatty acids are very good to heart, lower blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis in large cardiac vessels.
Sanda Oil generates heat in the Penis and help to pump more blood in the penis which gives perfect erection. It help increase penis size addresses Premature Ejaculation Increase the sense of enjoyment and satisfaction during intercourse.
This is one of the most common aromatic oil and is highly acclaimed by the clients for their effective results. We do not compromise in terms of quality and so we use superior grade flower extracts for the processing of our range. Our well-equipped laboratories enable us to test our range on different parameters.
The oil offered by us is widely appreciated by the clients for their effective results in pain and many other problems. We use optimum quality ingredients for the processing of our range that makes them reliable and safe to use.
Medicinal properties and uses of Ghee? should be used in food. 2. Old ghee is used commonly in Ayurveda for its excellent medicinal properties. Old ghee eliminates all the three flavors in the body. It is also beneficial in many diseases like or "bhang"....Ghee is a yogavahia catalytic agent that carries the medicinal properties of herbs into the seven dhatus or tissues of the body. For the fall season make some ashwagandha
1.Almonds,a healthy nutritious snack,rich in protein and fiber,boost up the energy level naturally.As a fiber rich content,helps in preventing constipation. 2.Almonds are low in calories and contains no cholesterol.It gives the feeling of fullness to the stomach and reduces our food intake.So daily consumption of almonds significantly helps in weight reduction.
Often known as the “brain food” because of the immense benefits to the brain, walnuts help the nutrients to enter the cell membranes in the brain and also allow the waste products to exit from the cells, due to the high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids..Regular intake of walnuts is helpful in the treatment of type 2 diabetes as it helps maintain blood sugar levels and insulin metabolism. The anti-inflammatory properties of walnuts are helpful in protecting bone health. These are further effective in curing conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, psoriasis and eczema.
Chilgoza Pine or which Chilgoza ? are we taking or its there only one name " If I go to shop and ask them give me CHILGOZA THATS IT ?....AND CHILGOZA IS REALLY GOOD FOR BETTER SEX? ERECTION WILL GET LATE ?and eating chilgoza daily morning afternoon and at night is good so that one can perform good sex?.chilgoza is good for your sexual performance as the nuts are rich in the B-complex vitamins which help with erectile dysfunction and also contain magnesium, and they have very good antioxidant properties which promote blood flow.Walnuts are also excellent if you can't get chilgoza.
Pistachio nut allergy is common in some sensitive individuals. The allergic manifestations are due to chemical compound anacardic acid (urushiol) that is present in these nuts. The reaction symptoms may range from simple skin itching (hives) to severe form anaphylactic manifestations, including breathing difficulty, pain abdomen, vomiting, and diarrhea.
Cottonseed enhances sperm count and makes the sperm thick. All sexual diseases disappear by its use. It keeps soft to the chest and stomach. Cottonseed ends the cough caused by heat. It is very useful in unconsciousness of women. It increases ghee and milk quantity in the animals. Applying cottonseeds on the penis enhances sexual power. Apply its oil on the face; it removes the flecks, acnes and pimples from the skin. It kills stomach worms and heals the wounds up.
Nagarmotha root is a nutritious herb it is used as an energy tonic as well as to treat a variety of health problems. The Nagarmotha root also used as a very good digestive and carminative properties, is an effective killer of intestinal worms, a diuretic and anti-pyretic medicine. Nagarmotha root also used to cleanse and regulate liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. Nagarmotha root useful in post-natal ailments since it stimulates and cleanses the uterus. Manjishta is recommended in menstrual irregularities, digestive system and for uterus.
amla helps lower cholesterol, enhance vision, and strengthen the lungs and the respiratory system. It also strengthens the body's central nervous system. It is a gentle laxative and helps cure constipation. These are just some of the reasons to include an amla in your daily diet. Do you need any more?
Winter cherry contains phytochemical compounds that are believed to have beneficial medicinal properties. They are known to enhance the chemical pathways of the brain which is known to increase the memory and other brain function. It is said to be an adoptogen, which means winter cherry increases the body’s capacity to face wide range of chemical, physical and mental stresses.
As it improves the quantity of urine, it is salutary in urinary problems like dysuria and inflammation of urinary bladder. Also removes stone in kidney. The oil possesses antiarrhythmic and hypnotic activity. The oil for massage is extremely useful for smooth, silky and healthy hair.
It purifies blood by helping removal and neutralization of toxins from blood. Once your blood is purified and free of toxins, you are protected from nuisances like boils, rashes, ulcers, skinIt promotes flow of bile from the gall bladder and helps regulate the acid level in the stomach as well as in the blood, thus keeping you safe from problems like acidity and acidosis. This bile also helps in digestion of food, together with the acids secreted into the stomach. diseases etc.
Benefits and Uses of Various Sea Vegetables: Agar Agar is a natural gelatin derived from red seaweed. It has no taste or aroma and can be used to make jello, puddings, or vegetable aspics. It can also be used to replace eggs and other thickening agents in baking. It acts as a mild laxative, adding bulk without the calories. Agar Agar is a fine source of iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins.
jwain Khurasani (Hyoscyamus niger) (Henbane) Pharmacological action: Digestive, astringent, sedative, anti-phlegmatic. Medicinal use: Effective in phlegmatic cough, asthma, chronic dementia, insomnia, paralysis, neuralgia, and irritation of the kidney, uterus and bladder. Also useful in lung, bowel, and genito-urinary complaints such as cystitis.
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