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Penis is a organ of sexual pleasure and makes a man to a complete man. It is an urinogenital organ. Normally used in micturition (urination) but during sexual intercourse it discharge sperms (semen) with in vagina of woman. Penis is copulatory organ of male & gives soft feeling in flaccid or normal state, but it become hard & increase in length at the time of fore play and sexual intercourse. It is very sensitive and takes three to five minutes for the flaccid penis of young male to become fully erect. It hangs in front of Testis It gives sexual pleasure and good feeling during sexual excitement state. Man wants more & more time in sexual excitement state but due to some reasons he fails to achieve more time of sexual pleasure because he discharge very early or with in very short time before orgasm (climax stage). About 65% Man discharge before reach the climax stage of sex and suffer from unsatisfied sex, and have no complete feeling of sexual pleasure. These persons can’t attain sexual orgasm to stage during mating & can’t give sexual pleasure to the sexual partner(woman) & also can’t maintain sex for a long time and feel guilty by themself and also from sexual partner.

  • Penis can’t stand/erect during sexual thought/sexual desire & sexual Activity
  • Discharge before climax stage of sex / orgasm.
  • Delayed Erection.
  • No excitement by rubbing / touching of Penis.
  • Erect Penis can’t make 900 Angle from Testis.
  • Small Penis
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  1. Length of Flaccid Penis- 2.5 - 3.5 inches
  2. Diameter of Flaccid Penis - 1.25 inches
  3. Length of erect/stand Penis - 7.0 - 9.5 inches
  4. Diameter of erect/stand Penis - 1.5 - 2 inches
  5. Average Percent increase in volume, flaccid to erect - 300
  6. Longest medically recorded erection = 12 inches
  7. Amount of Blood in erect penis = 8 - 10 times normal
  8. Average erection per night (While sleeping) = 5 times
  9. Average duration of each nocturnal erection = 20 - 30 minutes.

Note-The length of flaccid penis may be less than 2 inches due to very cold weather, chilly baths or showers, sexual activity exhaustion, and illness.

2) Testis- It lie in the scrotum. It is a Primary sex organ & produces sperms.Average length & width of Testis is 1.4 x 1 inch. Average weight is 25-30 gm. Temperature 94.6% F, Testicles need to be slightly cooler than normal body Temp. for sperm production. Testis hang out side the body in scrotum. Hot baths and tight underwear can depress sperm count and movement. Scrotum serves as thermoegutory organ. Leyding cells of Testis produce androgen (Testo sterone)
3) Semen- It is composed of sperm prostatic secretion and seminal fluid. Average volume of ejaculate 0-5 ml. to 1 teaspoon. It is white sticky opaque secretion & discharge from Penis at the climax stage of intercourse/coitus Semen contain fructose sugar as nutrient of sperms. Its caloric content is 5 calories per teaspoon & protein content is 6mg per teaspoon. The Average number of ejaculatory spurts 3-10 & Average interval of ejaculatory contraction is 0.8 seconds. Farthest medically recorded ejaculation 11.7 inches. The time required for semen to turn from gel to liquid after ejaculation 5-25 minutes. Sperms may swim at rate of 1.5-3 mm/minute. About 400 million sperms are present in a single ejaculation (3ml). The average life span of sperm is about one month in you & one to two days in a woman
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Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement
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Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement
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