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Causes of Unsatisfactory sex


Erectile dysfunction (incomplete erection of penis) due intracavernous blood flow and loss of smooth muslex relaxation. Decreased endothelial NOS, increased inducible NOS expression,diffused cavernous fibrosis and increased cavernous level of the oxidative product 8-epi-prostagladis F2 alpha, an F2 isoprostance.Erectile dysfunction is associated with diabetes & hypertension & related to age of man Psychological distress such as anxiety and depression also contribute to higher levels of premature ejaculation (early discharge) & incomplete penile erection/ loose penis.


Increase testosterone level in blood to promote sexual phenomenon of man (e.g proper erection of penis, delayed ejaculation, improve sexual desire, spermatogenesis) and also improve flow mediated vasodilatation of the penile arteries. Long term use antioxidants increases intracavernous blood flow, improves smooth muscles relaxation and erectile response in erectile dysfunction, early discharge. It has adaptogenic function and removes sexual disorder such as looseness of penis and early discharge of semen before self satisfaction and increase resistance against multiple stressors with out distrurbing the normal physiological functions.

Zafar Shafa Khana sex herbal therapy promotes erectile function of penis, prolonged duration of intercourse by aphrodisiac,santioxidant, androgenic and adaptogenic effect and general debility

Use:- Our sexual herbal medicines are used for following purposes-

  1. To complete erection of penis.
  2. To complete self sexual satisfaction.
  3. To the long duration of intercourse/prolonged sex
  4. To the proper growth of penis.
  5. To remove obliquity of penis.
  6. To stops premature ejaculation/early discharge.
  7. To increases sperm count (removes oligospermia)

After use of our sex herbal course, you also can Truly satisfy the sexual partner (female).

  1. Low libido/sexual desire
  2. Low penis erection/loose penis
  3. Early discharge/premature ejaculation
  4. Azoospermia & oligospermia
  5. Weakness due to masturbation
  6. Unsatisfactory intercourse/mating
  7. Unsatisfied sexual partner
  8. Remove masturbation weakness
  9. Reduced penis size (less than 12cm in erect position)
  10. Delayed erection


Sex stimulant herbal products of Zafar Shafa Khana improve libido & also maintain the Penile erection by their androgenic,aphrodisiac, antioxidant & adaptogenic action. They act on sex neuronal center in the brain which is located in the hypothalamus and limbic system to improve sexual phenomenon such as penis erection, long duration coitus, increases semen volume/ejaculation and maintain the long duration of excitement state of penis. Gold and its preparations are known as nervine and aphrodisiac tonics, resolvent emmenagogue as well as alterative. Its action is known to increase strength and improve intellect memory and beauty. Gold also helps in clearing the voice and increasing sexual power it is also used in impotency & sterility. It is recommended for the treatment of low libido and male sexual weakness.

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Ayurvedic treatment for penis enlargement
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