Herbal Treatment in all diseases

We have focused on developing natural, safe and herbal medicines from the beginning. which is proved to be helpful in improving the health of mankind. Our efforts have helped people all around the world. Sowe are trying to give you our best by herbs for last many years. We are providing you cheap and best cure.

Zafar Shafakhana is an oldest Sex clinic which provides sexual problem Ayurvedic treatment and we serve the people from past many years. Herbal treats the mind, the body and the soul and cleans them internally.

We have served people all over the world for years.

Doctors also refer cases of male and female sexual patients, especially infertility or Impotence cases, to us. Because doctors also believe in herbal medicines and know the properties of herbal medicines.

We especially treat any sexual problem such as lack of erections, ED, water, night fall, low sperm count, impotent, sexual weakness and extra-masturbation. We treat all type of problem whether it is male or female. Our medicines are so good that people ask it at their home.

We Treat

for both Male and Female

Penis Enlargement Treatment
RS 62 per day

Our penis enlargement formulation is the world’s best natural male enhancement Formula... It represents a safe and natural.

Erectile Dysfuntion Treatment
RS 62 per day

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction or simply ED, occurs when a man cannot sustain an erection, which is satisfactory for sexual activity.

Breasts Reduction Treatment
RS 50 per day

Reduce Breast Size naturally within 90 days. No more Surgery required Breast reduction is a very commonly requested procedure